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If you support the ambitions of FAHB, there are a few things you can do to help. Most importantly, we need to mobilise a collective and representative voice that advocates for change. We also need to start offering solutions and finding ways of working together to build our community.

Here’s what you can do.

We need to demonstrate how many people support our cause and to do this, we need you to register. It will take 3 minutes, you will be added to our database, have the opportunity to complete a social survey, and will receive periodic correspondence from our organising team.
FAHB believes that a long-term and sustainable solution needs to be found and FAHB is petitioning the City of Cape Town to do this. The more signatories we have, the more we will be able to find a solution that protects the interests of everyone.
We need the City of Cape Town to understand the severity of the situation and we need to provide them with accurate, reliable information. Send them an email and include the following information: date, time, location and impact experienced. Be honest and explain how the odour pollution impacts you. Please be respectful in your emails – we need the City to work with us to help solve this problem. For all the email addresses, right click over this hyperlink, select ‘copy email address’ and paste these into your email.
 You need to understand what the real situation is and you can do this by reading ‘What’s the deal?’ We need informed opinions and ideas and the best way to help is by understanding what is actually going on.
Keep up to date with FAHB correspondence on our Facebook page, join our FAHB discussion forum to share ideas, and follow our Twitter handle.Use the hashtags #OceanaStinks#HBMustRise and #FreshAirHoutBay and include the handles @CityofCT @WesternCapeGov @LuckyStarSA to help us gain momentum. Share information and help us have a discussion in a constructive manner.
Listen to the song “Lucky Star Ain’t What You Are“, written and performed by Ike Moriz, and maybe this will inspire you to do something creative of your own. We need some fun and creative ways of communicating with people, so please send us your ideas.
 This situation will only be solved through constructive collective action. If you have a background in marketing or law, are involved in research or business, have contacts or connections that could be useful, an idea for a social action or event, or even how we can better manage this group, please share this with us. We need a range of different skills and ideas to find a solution and everyone is welcome.


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  1. Juan

    Good day,
    I suggest that a study should be conducted to investigate the incidence of asthma and other known allergic conditions in the Hangberg community specifically. Recent research also showed a strong correlation between environmental air polution and ADHD. The community clinic at Hout Bay Harbour has thousands of patient folders that would be easily accessible to a research team once permission is obtained. I am sure that the community will realize the extend of the damage to their health and especially to the health of their children if hard evience can be produced and presented. The factory management has been able to manipulate the impact on the environment by selectively taking readings during times of no or low emission. If the factory is not willing to stop poisoning the community, they should at least give the Hangberg community a huge portion of their profit as compensation. The current community projects sponsered by the factory is nothing more than an insult.

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