There are a lot of important documents and resources relevant to our cause. In an effort to be clear, transparent and to promote truthful information, we are keeping track of all relevant resources here. Feel free to download these, read more, and let us know if there’s something useful we’re missing.

There have been a series of documents and correspondence between FAHB, the Oceana and the City of Cape Town that are important to note.

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  1. Barry Wessels

    have a look at the ANUA website in the UK / Ireland. they produce many different types of scrubbers to clean air, so it is possible and proven.

    1. Post

      Thanks Barry, we will certainly investigate this further. According to Oceana, they are currently using the best technology available and are compliant with international standards for scrubbing technologies. They claim there is no way of eliminating the smell entirely – if you know this to be different, we would certainly be keen to find this information and any direct contacts you may have would be most appreciated. Thanks again!

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